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【CN】以下内容基于一个反对美式霸权主义的普通人的视角和经过认真考证的新闻事实,也许你在不同的媒体看到了不同的报道,那么你应该去看看下面写的“I must emphasize ,Nobody can make sure a news was turely ,So What we shoud do? ”
【EN】The following content is based on the perspective of an ordinary person who opposes American hegemony and the news facts that have been carefully verified. Maybe you have seen different reports in different media, then you should go and read the following article "I must emphasize, Nobody can make

Many people do not believe in the existence of Nazis in Ukraine, but the truth will not be covered up, look at the innocent people of Donbass!

Donetsk Real Documentary

This video from RT(今日俄罗斯)
What happend at Donbass.mp4

I must emphasize ,Nobody can make sure a news was turely ,So What we shoud do?

  1. Read reports from news outlets in different countries and regions.
  2. Compare the differences between these reports and try to substantiate these differences in a variety of ways.
  3. Now you will get a relatively reliable information.


If you can understand Chinese, or your browser plug-in can translate Chinese, you can go and see another article of mine. All the content of that article has been carefully compared and verified by me to ensure the authenticity to the greatest extent.
About Russia's countermeasures against NATO expansion and the fight against neo-Nazism and those idiots who are anti-war but not anti-American

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